Occupational Therapy


Enabling children to enjoy day-to-day activities

Occupational Therapy is a branch of healthcare that focuses on children who have physical and emotional barriers. It utilizes everyday activities to help children overcome their shortcomings and become independent members of the society.

Common interventions in Occupational Therapy include injury rehabilitation, helping children with developmental disorders, providing assisted living guidance, and boosting self-confidence so that children and adults are able to present themselves better and participate assertively in social situations.

In general, Occupational Therapists work closely with physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, doctors, and psychologists to sketch the ideal course of therapy. It may be curated according to the specific requirements of the child in order to provide an enriching, positive solution.

Early intervention has proven to be significantly beneficial with children learning to perform day-to-day activities autonomously, socialize, and interact without self-doubt.